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There are currently 40 residents receiving long term care at St. Joseph’s Hospice in Rawalpindi. Many suffer from severe illnesses that require specific care that their families are unable or cannot afford to provide. The residents are provided with free accommodation, nutrition, in-house education and personalized medical care.


10 year old Sahil was brought to the Hospice by his mother with severe Rickets. Rickets is a softening of the bones due to deficiency of vitamin D and leads to fractures and deformity. Rickets is among the most frequent childhood diseases in many developing countries.

Sahil’s mother is destitute along with her other children and therefore could not provide him with the care he needed. Since being at the Hospice, Sahil has had access to relevant healthcare, nutrition and education. Sahil can now walk (and sprint!) after having two surgeries conducted on his legs in the past three years.

Sahil hopes to become a doctor one day and states that his favourite subject is English.

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9 year old Maryam suffers from severe mental and physical disabilities. She was abandoned at the church premises as a baby. The sisters named her and she’s lived her whole life at the Hospice.

Maryam is unable to speak coherently although her favourite word is ‘aana’ or ‘come’ in Urdu, which she always utters with a huge smile on her face. Mariam could not walk at all two years ago, but with physiotherapy sessions which she receives twice daily, she can now walk with the help of others.

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22 year old Ayesha is quadriplegic and has been at St. Joe’s for 10 years. She is originally from Swat where she was shot in the head by a stray bullet as a baby during a village wedding ceremony.

She is a very intelligent young woman and spends a lot of time on her studies. Ayesha receives physiotherapy twice daily and is able to use her hands for eating and can also write beautifully.

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Luban is from Faisalabad and was brought to St. Joe’s by his family 2 years ago. They were very sad to part with him but were unable to and could not afford to care for him as his two younger brothers are also quadriplegic. Luban keeps in touch with his family a lot and they often take him home for special occasions but he is always happy to come back to St. Joe's.

He loves cricket and often joins the others in the garden to play. He says he's more of a batter than a bowler. He also listens to music and says his favourite is Hindi music. Luban receives physiotherapy once every day.

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Shamshad has been at St. Joe's for 13 years and comes from Wah Cantt near Taxila where she fell off her bed as a child and became paralyzed from the waist down.

Shamshad is often seen with a book in her hands and is in her second year of ICS or higher secondary certificate for which she will sit as a private student. If she had to choose, she says her favourite subject is maths. She wishes to do continue her education and is looking forward to doing a bachelor's degree.

Shamshad often helps out with paperwork at the office of St. Joe's when she has the time.

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Shamsa is paraplegic and has been at St. Joe’s for 7 years. She was just 12 years old when she fell into a well and injured her spine while trying to save a goat that had fallen in.

She loves to listen to music and is an avid participant in all the functions and parties at the Hospice. She also loves to dance on her wheelchair whenever there is a celebration and is the life of the party.

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